At InVigorus, we have a strong desire to help improve the lives of others. Not only do we feel that our product does exactly that for those who purchase it, but we want to be able to assist people in need through various charities as well. That is why we have a corporate giving program that works with local, national and international charities to donate money to worthy causes.

A portion of sales will go to help fund non-profits that fit in our general scope of interest. If you have a charity that you would like to be considered for a partnership to receive funds from InVigorus, submit an application online to be reviewed by our staff.

Right now, our primary focus for our corporate giving program includes nutrition, healthcare, education and job training. We consider it important for charities to work with people to help make them better and more productive or self-sufficient in life. Examples might include things such as sustainability projects, job training or learning skills, community gardens, healthcare services that have a lasting impact, etc.

Charities must be non-profits registered in the United States (even if most of the work is done in other countries) and must be able to provide proof of their status in order to be considered.

Some charities will be selected to routinely receive funding from us, while others may be approved for special fundraisers.