Introducing InVigorus


InVigorus is a new health supplement that has five main ingredients to help us feel balanced. I initially thought of it a couple of years ago and have been tinkering with the ingredients, name, packaging, purpose and other parts on and off ever since. I’m very proud to announce that I feel it has come far enough to make available on a larger scale to people.

inVigorusbottleThe five main ingredients are raw honey, raw organic apple cider vinegar, vitamin C, vitamin B 12 and organic green tea. The health benefits of these simple ingredients are plentiful, some of which are listed on the About InVigorus page of our site and include supporting links.

Truthfully, InVigorus is different things for different people, but it helps with overall balance. Our motto is “Balanced Health, Balanced Energy, Balanced Life”.

Aside from the personal benefits of taking this supplement, we feel that it is our responsibility to help other people, which is why Catton Communications will donate a portion of all sales of InVigorus to various charitable causes. Some of these charities will receive regular support, while others are invited to do fundraisers with the product through flash sales on the website or similar opportunities. If you have a charity that you would like us to partner with, check out our Mission page.

I believe that life is a learning process and that in order to achieve happiness there must be a balance. InVigorus embodies that balance as a product and as a brand.


Lucas Catton

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